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CRU SOX was founded on the principle of the "give back." Check out some of the great organizations we have been able to work with so far!!! We are continually trying to expand our donation program to as many communities as possible around the world. We welcome anyone to become a part of our "Give Back Cru" as we work toward creating positive change. If you know of an organization that could benefit from our sock donations, please drop us an email at

Project 150 Sock Donation from CRU SOX

Project 150 is an organization that supports homeless, displaced, and disadvantaged high school students in the Las Vegas Valley.

The Shade Tree Sock Donation from CRU SOX

The Shade Tree of Las Vegas provides safe shelter for women, children and their pets who are in economic crises or escaping domestic violence.

Nevada Homeless Alliance Sock Donation from CRU SOX

The Nevada Homeless Alliance is an organization that not only serves many of the immediate needs of individuals experiencing homelessness, but it also connects them with community resources that provide solutions to the barriers they may be facing.

Las Vegas Rescue Mission Sock Donation from CRU SOX

The Las Vegas Rescue Mission works to serve those in need through food, shelter, daily needs, and addiction recovery with a message of faith-based hope for redemption, recovery, and restoration.

SafeNest Sock Donation from CRU SOX

SafeNest is Nevada's most comprehensive nonprofit dedicated to ending domestic violence.

Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada Sock Donation from CRU SOX

Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada is one of the largest nonprofit social service providers in the state, offering comprehensive and diverse programs designed to give help, hope and transform the lives of some of the most vulnerable men, women, and children in our community.

CARE Complex Sock Donation from CRU SOX

CARE Complex is a Las Vegas organization that helps their clients establish self-reliance and transition out of homelessness.

Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth Sock Donation from CRU SOX

Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth is an organization that strives to eliminate homelessness among Nevada's youth by providing the help, hope, and support needed to rebuild their lives.

Street Teens Sock Donation from CRU SOX

Street Teens is an organization dedicated to assisting homeless, abandoned, and at-risk youth in the Las Vegas Valley.

Peggy's Attic Sock Donation from CRU SOX

Peggy's Attic Las Vegas is the donation center for the Clark County Department of Family Services, and they provide clothing, shoes, toiletries, toys, and other supplies to children who have been placed in protective custody, foster care, or to at-risk families going through crises.



The idea for CRU SOX was created on December 5, 2018 when husband-and-wife teachers, Edward and Angela Davis, decided to look for ways to make a positive impact in the community and expand their reach beyond the classroom. Since socks remain a high-need item among charitable organizations, we chose to develop a brand of fun, high-quality socks with a unique built-in model for donating “give back” socks with each sock purchase. We launched the CRU SOX brand on February 7, 2020 with much support from friends and family. In July of 2020, we linked up with musician Billy Graziadei of Biohazard, Powerflo, BillyBio fame and bonded over our mutual love for making the world a better place for those in need. Although Billy is busy with his music career, we continue to work and consult with him on a regular basis. As CRU SOX moves into the future, we are looking forward to growing our following with the help of those that support the movement of giving back to those in need. We are also beginning to branch out into creating custom sock designs for businesses, organizations, schools, bands, etc. which allow them to further our “give back” movement to charities of their choice.